Quick sample to upload in English – the future direction of this blog


I have to admit that sometimes I am quite lazy, and my sincere apologies for the neglection and tardiness on renewing this blog (if there is any concerned reader). A lot of things are going on around me and my partner, and hopefully this year 2020 would be a very fruitful one after all these years of preparation, self maintenance and a bit of bitter ordeals. Well, that must be a kind of grizzard/liver taste which can be a good medicine for a challenging entrepreneur…

Why in English all of sudden?

This particular post is going to be a testing case for my blog to show English text. The desigin theme that I am currently using is a Japanese-made theme, and it has many useful functions in spite of its free usage.  And I am quite satisfied with its performance, thank you very much.

However, I think all the Japanese readers to my blog did not find this blog very interesting, because I had received quite few response for all the articles in Japanese. As you can see, this blog is entitled as “How I became (or will, has become or whatever) like Heinrich Schleimann). I have written tons of things like how I was intrigued into the mysterious life of Heinrich Schliemann (as a merchant mostly), and I met my former employer Mr V as a modern example of rich merchant with fluent command of multiple languages.

Moreover, I am losing interest in Japanese society and its culture so fast – what I have in mind now is that Japan is a good country and where I might call a home, but I only love her nature and food, if I dare to say. Its society, people, value system and blindness are quite frustrating me recently, and I am so bored of my life in Tokyo after all these 10 years in this capital city.

So it is time to move on….

Perhaps 3 to 4 months per year in Japan would be enough for us. I would enjoy staying here in lovely weather in spring and autumn, but no way for summer and winter. Unfortunately because of the particular interests (what I call “Life work”) of my partner I may have to be present in Tokyo during year-end and new year period every year, but other than that, I have to get out of this country for something very inspiring and refreshing. Otherwise I would be suffocated to the end.

Currently we are aspiring to set up a base for our new company and life in Singapore, so it would still be a few more years of going in and out between Japan and Singapore. But after that, I would be happy to travel many countries in the world, to deepen my understanding and knowledge of our planet today.

Okay, so that is why I am trying to post my blog articles in 2020 in other languages than Japanese – I may post articles some time I am inclined to do so, but I will try to change the course of this blog in this new year 2020.

Conclusion: Be a modern Schliemann

As far as I can say, I am currently able to communicate in Japanese, English, French and Mandarin Chinese. Among them the ones with which I have good command in are Japanese and English, but I am planning to master Italian and Spanish soon, and in the meanwhile I hope to be at professional level in translation among JP, En, Fr and Ch. Just for my own realisation….

Alright this is it for this new trial. How many words did I write? I dunno. But pretty sure that this is a good trial, because I can easily vent myself in English, rather than in Japanese.

Thanks for your time. Bye.